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Zinga Paint

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On-site alternative coating to Galvanising. Usages at Solar farms, on and off-shore applications. Approx 96% zinc content in dried film.
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Zingalufer (formerly known as Alufer N) is a one-component polyurethane sealer used over Zinga and Aquazinga.
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Zinga is a one-component anti-corrosion zinc coating system. Its unique formula provides environmentally safe cathodic protection to steel comparable with hot-dip galvanising, with the added advantage that it can be applied as though it were a paint. 

Email info@tools-paint.com or call 01753 684084 for technical support on Zinga.

Galvanisation is the process of applying zinc to steel or iron to stop it rusting and active protection is where the zinc sacrifices itself to preserve the metal beneath, even if the zinc layer is slightly damaged. Zinga’s galvanising system is the very best of this type and is just as good, if not better, than hot dip galvanisation.

It can be applied to bare metal and because it requires very little surface preparation it can even be used to ‘recharge' previously galvanised objects, by applying it to the rough surface of the old galvanising after appropriate decontamination. 

Zinga is grey in colour and does not have to be overcoated, but a compatible topcoat can be applied, which will increase the rust protection. It can be used to protect reinforcement bars (rebars) in concrete and another huge advantage is its ability to re-liquidise when a new coat is applied to an existing Zinga layer to form a single coat. This means massive savings on maintenance because the old Zinga layer does not have to be removed. It also means that once the initial abrasive blasting has been done, the steel will never have to be blasted again.

Zinga is often specified when a structure is already in situ or too big for the molten zinc baths. It is approved by Crossrail and London Underground. Zinga is also commonly specified on delicate structures such as wrought iron gates and sculptures, or when architectural demands require a higher standard of surface finish. If you want the very best in galvanising, buy Zinga.
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