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The Paint Mixing Room

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paint mixing machineIn this category is a wide selection of paints that we can produce in our paint mixing room in the colour of your choice. We can supply in various can sizes, typically from 1 to 10 litres, but smaller and larger bespoke quantities can be supplied too. As well as paint tins we can also offer this service in 400ml aerosol cans for spray painting.
We can supply paint for just about any surface such as walls, floors, wood, plastic, glass, metal, carbon fibre, leather and many more.
All we need is the reference from colour charts from the main decorative manufacturers such as Dulux (trade or retail), Johnstone's (trade or retail), Crown and Farrow & Ball. These can be viewed on their websites and provided to us.
Alternatively, and more popular with our industrial customers, are the official colour charts from British Standard, RAL and NCS. These are listed on our site here
The third type of reference we can work with are classic vehicle and corporate colour codes. We opened for business in 1983 and have been building a database over the years and hold formulae for Land-Rover, VW and many others including commercial vehicles.
Another service is sample matching. We can work from a sample or swatch provided by you. The minimum size is 5cm x 5cm. If you cannot send this to us, call us on 01753 684084 or email
sales@tools-paint.com and we may be able to arrange an alternative solution or for a representative to visit.
Please note that turnaround times are dependent on the demand on our paint room at any given time and the complexity of the colour request. Please call us 01753 684084 or email
sales@tools-paint.com if you want an estimate. Standard requests with known colour references can often be turned around in a couple of days or for urgent jobs expedited delivery can be requested.

Wherever you see this logo throughout the website, we offer colour mixing service on those products.
Please provide your colour reference or contact us for further assistance.

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