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Sherwin Williams Macropoxy M455V2 5L

a two-component, epoxy protective primer finish
MPN: M455V2
£95.88 (inc. VAT)
RAL 1000 (Green Beige)
RAL 1001 (Beige)
RAL 1002 (Sand Yellow)
RAL 1011 (Brown Beige)
RAL 1013 (Oyster White)
RAL 1014 (Ivory)
RAL 1015 (Light Ivory)
RAL 1019 (Grey Beige)
RAL 1020 (Olive Yellow)
RAL 1024 (Ochre Yellow)
RAL 3012 (Beige Red)
RAL 3014 (Antique Pink)
RAL 3015 (Light Pink)
RAL 4001 (Red Lilac)
RAL 4005 (Blue Lilac)
RAL 4009 (Pastel Violet)
RAL 5000 (Violet Blue)
RAL 5001 (Green Blue)
RAL 5005 (Signal Blue)
RAL 5007 (Brillant Blue)
RAL 5009 (Azure Blue)
RAL 5012 (Light Blue)
RAL 5014 (Pigeon Blue)
RAL 5015 (Sky Blue)
RAL 5018 (Turquoise Blue)
RAL 5019 (Capri Blue)
RAL 5021 (Water Blue)
RAL 5023 (Distant Blue)
RAL 5024 (Pastel Blue)
RAL 6000 (Patina Green)
RAL 6003 (Olive Green)
RAL 6011 (Reseda Green)
RAL 6013 (Reed Green)
RAL 6019 (Pastel Green)
RAL 6021 (Pale Green)
RAL 6025 (Fern Green)
RAL 6027 (Light Green)
RAL 6033 (Mint Turquoise)
RAL 6034 (Pastel Turquoise)
RAL 7000 (Squirrel Grey)
RAL 7001 (Silver Grey)
RAL 7002 (Olive Grey)
RAL 7003 (Moss Grey)
RAL 7004 (Signal Grey)
RAL 7005 (Mouse Grey)
RAL 7006 (Beige Grey)
RAL 7008 (Khaki Grey)
RAL 7009 (Green Grey)
RAL 7010 (Tarpaulin Grey)
RAL 7011 (Iron Grey)
RAL 7012 (Basalt Grey)
RAL 7013 (Brown Grey)
RAL 7015 (Slate Grey)
RAL 7016 (Anthracite Grey)
RAL 7021 (Black Grey)
RAL 7022 (Umbra Grey)
RAL 7023 (Concrete Grey)
RAL 7024 (Graphite Grey)
RAL 7026 (Granite Grey)
RAL 7030 (Stone Grey)
RAL 7031 (Blue Grey)
RAL 7032 (Pebble Grey)
RAL 7033 (Cement grey)
RAL 7034 (Yellow Grey)
RAL 7035 (Light Grey)
RAL 7036 (Platinum Grey)
RAL 7037 (Dusty Grey)
RAL 7038 (Agate Grey)
RAL 7039 (Quartz Grey)
RAL 7040 (Window Grey)
RAL 8000 (Green Brown)
RAL 8001 (Ochre Brown)
RAL 8002 (Signal Brown)
RAL 8003 (Clay Brown)
RAL 8004 (Copper Brown)
RAL 8007 (Fawn Brown)
RAL 8008 (Olive Brown)
RAL 8011 (Nut Brown)
RAL 8014 (Sepia Brown)
RAL 8016 (Mahogany Brown)
RAL 8017 (Chocolate Brown)
RAL 8019 (Grey Brown)
RAL 8024 (Beige Brown)
RAL 8025 (Pale Brown)
RAL 8028 (Terra Brown)
RAL 9001 (Cream)
RAL 9002 (Grey White)
RAL 9003 (Signal White)
RAL 9004 (Signal Black)
RAL 9010 (Pure White)
RAL 9011 (Graphite Black)
RAL 9016 (Traffic White)
RAL 9017 (Traffic Black)
RAL 9018 (Papyrus White)
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A high-performance two-component epoxy protective finish available in a wide range of shades.

Colours: Choose colour from the menu or call us to enquire about specific colour not listed above. Most RAL and BS colours available.

Please note that colours can vary in appearance between different screens and devices. Colour swatches are to be used as a guide only.


  • Water and chemical resistance
  • Available in a range of shades
  • Excellent corrosion protection


  • Food and Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Infrastructure

As a single coat shop applied protective finish for structural steel.
Suitable for use in marine, chemical or other aggressive environments, but not immersed conditions

BS476 Part 6 : Fire Propagation
BS476 Part 7 : Surface spread of flame
BS6853 Annex B2 : Toxic Fire
BS6853 Annex D8.4 : Smoke Density
Compliant with fire performance requirements in London
Underground Standard 1-085
For details of substrate / scheme, consult Sherwin-Williams

Airless Spray
Conventional Spray
Recommended Thinner: Recommended Thinner: No 5

Flash Point: Base 23°C Additive 26°C
% Solids by Volume: 65 ± 3% (ASTM-D2697-91)
Colour Availability: Full Colour Range

304 gms/litre determined practically in accordance with UK
Regulations PG6/23
327 gms/litre calculated from formulation to satisfy EC Solvent
Emissions Directive
228 gms/kilo content by weight from formulation, to satisfy EC
Solvent Emissions Directive

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