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elemix is a high quality paint suitable for all painting or surface protection. There is a wide range of formulations to choose from all avaiable from Avenue Coatings and if you need a custom colour
we can mix it for you. To order a custom colour call 01753 684084 or email We are also pleased to offer free technical advice using these details to reach us.
Selemix was designed for manufacturing and light industrial businesses however, it can be utilised in a broad spectrum of applications from furniture to fittings, garage doors to farm machinery.
Selemix comprises a range of high quality concentrated colour bases and a comprehensive selection of binders. These components combined, provide a paint system tailored to meet your exact requirements in performance, quality and cost. 

Each colour is specially formulated in each of three major chemical families, polyurethane, synthetic and cellulose.

As well as the huge range of colour combinations it offers superb colour accuracy. Formulations available cover all leading international colour standards as well as many industrial and public service
colour references.

Quantity Rates available on request.