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Rustoleum 769 Damp Proof Rust Primer

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This is the original surface tolerant primer - 80-year track record! Rust-Oleum 769 Damp-proof Rust Primer is:

Unique formula based on fish oil
Penetrates the rust to the metal
Minimal surface preparation (manual derusting - St 2)
Direct applicaton on moist surfaces
Expels moisture & air and encapsulates rust
Durable corrosion protection, both with and without topcoat
Lead and chromate free
Low odour

Product Data

Rust-Oleum Damp-Proof Primer 769 Red/ 769-0. Tintable Bases are based on a special fish oil-containing alkyd resin. The product contains rust-inhibitive pigments and is lead and chromate free.

Recommended Uses
Rust-Oleum 769/ 769-0 is specially developed to be applied on hand tool-prepared, sound rusted steel surfaces. Rust-Oleum 769/ 769-0 is primarily intended for brush application and can also be applied by roller and spray.

Rust-Oleum 769/ 769-0 can be applied on slightly damp surfaces and provides protection under light industrial exposure conditions if followed by a second Rust-Oleum Alkyd Primer 1060/1080/1060-0 and/or Rust-Oleum Alkythane® 7500.

Technical Data
Appearance: Flat
Colour: 769 red / 769-0. tintable
Density: 1.33 kg/l.
Solids Contents: 50.3% by volume
Viscosity: 76 - 78 KU /Krebs Stormer Units at 20°C
Recommended film thickness: 35 m dry, equals 70 m wet
VOC-content: 375 g/l max.
Ready-for-use mixture: 456 g/l max.
Category: A/i
EU Limit values: 600 g/l (2007) / 500 g/l (2010)

Drying times (20°C/50% r.v. - 10°C/60% r.v. - 30°C/50% r.v.)
To touch: 4 hours - 16 hours - 3 hours
To handle: 8 hours - 24 hours - 6 hours
To recoat: 24 hours - 36 hours - 24 hours
Full hardness 8 days - 14 days - 6 days
Heat resistance: 120°C (dry heat)

Theoretical: 14.5 m²/l at 35 m dry
Practical: Practical coverage depends on many factors such as porosity and roughness of the substrate and material losses during application.

Surface Preparation
Remove grease, oil and all other surface contaminations by alkaline or high pressure (steam) cleaning in combination with appropriate detergents.
Remove rust scale, loose mill scale, loose rust and loose coatings by scraping and wire brushing to St 2 (ISO 8501-1: 1988), light blast cleaning or sanding.
Sand previous coatings, which are in good condition to roughen the surface slightly.
The surface must be clean and preferably dry during application.

Directions for use
To ensure homogeneity, coating materials should be thoroughly stirred prior to use.

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