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PVC & Plastic Paint

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NOT AVAILABLE - SEE Avenue Primer Aerosol Light Grey 400ml
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HMG 2k Activator/Hardener for Superthane, Supersheen & Acrythane A411
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2K HIGH GLOSS (up to 80%) DTM (Direct To Metal) with anti-corrosive properties.
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NON ISOCYANATE 2-pack topcoat - order 9061 hardener separately
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2 pack polyurethane coatings (no primer needed) for glass splash backs, plant, agricultural equipment, plastics etc.
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This product requires an activator. Select 9-070, 9-080 or 9-075 from related products below.

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Specialist coatings designed to be applied to problematic surfaces such as PVC, PU elastomer, rubber variants, fabrics and leather.

HMG Flexithane is a highly flexible coating with excellent adhesion properties which dries to a highly elastomeric film.

It was developed for such difficult applications as painting hot air balloons and truck side curtains, but has also been used to paint RIBs (inflatable dinghies), the giant spinnakers of boats in the round-the-world BT Global Challenge yacht race and a 140ft-long charity tie.

It is able to stretch up to 800% so Flexithane coated materials can be literally tied in knots.
Hood Sails, of Lymington, Hampshire, tested Flexithane at its factory and found that it actually strengthened sailcloth.

ISF H2 is also a flexible coating suitable for painting lorry curtains and bouncy castles.

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