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From: £945.95
£1,135.14 (inc. VAT)
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A liquid metal coating for rigid substrates. Makes any article look metallic, whilst retaining the weight and economics of traditional substrates. Cheap substrates, such as OSB, can be transformed - Ideal for single use exhibitions.

It is a 3 component coating
  • A hardwearing resin base
  • A reactive hardener
  • A choice of metal pigment.
Metalicoat can be coated onto: 
  • MDF
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Plastics (including  Polythene, Polycarbonate & ABS with a suitable adhesion promoter or primer)
When overcoated with a clear acrylic bright colours are locked in. Alternatively the metal component of the film can be left to tarnish and oxidize. Metalicoat can be sanded & burnished to achieve a full metallic lustre, typical of the metal incorporated within the film. 
Uses are really limitless. It is currently used in kitchens, on plastic baths, as a value added aspect to shop fitting projects and on film sets.

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