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Industrial Waterbased Paint

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As a result of environmental legislation solvent-based gloss paints are being replaced by water based ones, which are easier to dispose of because of their relatively benign impact on ecosystems. Water-based gloss can be cleaned from brushes without solvents, using soap and water, which also means it is less harmful to one's health as there are no fumes to inhale. They also tend to yellow less. Water-based paints have other advantages, such as quick drying times and low odour, but some people find them hard to apply without leaving brush marks (tramlines). The paint is often blamed, but the real cause is the application technique, which needs to be different.

When using water-based paint it is important to use a finely tipped synthetic brush such as Hamilton's Perfection Synthetic or Prestige Synthetic. Wet and spin the brush before use, to prevent paint drying in the stock. If using the brush for more than 30 minutes wet a brush comb and pull it through the filaments. Synthetic brushes are softer than natural ones so ensure a smoother finish. If painting large areas it is recommended to roll on and lay off - we recommend the Perfection Short Pile or Prestige Short Pile and then lay off with the Prestige laying off brush. If the paint is drying too quickly, dampen the surface with a sponge.

Surfaces should be properly prepared, otherwise the paint will tend to peel off. Existing paint should be scraped off before new coats are applied, using a heat gun if needed, although take care to avoid scorch marks. The bare surface needs to be sanded and then slightly dampened with a moist sponge. Remove only poorly adhered paint back to a sound surface. Do not use steel wool as it can result in rust spots.

To achieve the best possible finish, focus on one area at a time and move the brush in one direction rather than going back and forth, to avoid disturbing recently applied paint. Water-based gloss should be given adequate time to dry before adding more coats. 

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