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Far from being just another element in a construction project, wood stands out for its strength and warm quality, regardless of the application. From minimal decorative carvings to state-of-the-art structures made of wood, its benefits are a distinguishing feature, when compared to any other material. Easy to handle, strong and light, wood is often described as a fine material. In order to preserve those qualities - in spite of the passing of time - care and protection is required.
GORI - an expert in wood care - offers a range of preservatives, wood protection, maintenance and decorative products, which all preserve wood with its original beauty and natural qualities. GORI wood protection has been produced in Scandinavia for more than 100 years, and we are proud to call ourselves “The Scandinavian Woodcare Experts”.
A good wood protection product is durable; the colour lasts and the product offers protection against rot, fungi, UV-rays and water. Needless to say - the GORI range of course meets the requirements to obtain a beautiful and long lasting end result.


GORI is available in a range of standard colours and can be tinted in almost every colour.  

Standard colours are the colours that are at the shelf at your dealer. On the individual product sub-pages on this website you can find out which standard colours are available for a specific product. 

In addition to the standard colours, the vast majority of GORI products are available in a large number of colours, which are tinted directly in our warehouse.

Below you can find our standard colour card.