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Galvafroid Zinc Rich Cold Galvanising Coating

Galvafroid, Zinc rich coating with approx 92% zinc content in dried film

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Galvafroid zinc-rich, cold galvanising paint for rust protection. Protects all ferrous metals and prevents rust creep. Suitable as a primer or self-finish.

Technical Description
Galvafroid Zinc-Rich Coating is a brush or spray-applied anti-corrosion coating containing 92-94% zinc in the dried film which confers electro-chemical protection on ferrous metals. It may be used as a primer or self-finish.

Explanation of protective mechanism: Galvafroid treatments of iron and steel base their corrosion inhibiting qualities on the galvanic action which develops in corrosive conditions between the zinc and the substrate.

The latter is protected even in scratch lines and at points of abrasion, since the zinc surrounding the break is immediately reactivated and corrodes sacrificially in preference to the underlying surface. Zinc corrosion products, which are largely insoluble and impermeable, soon form, sealing the break and protecting the substrate. The lateral spread of corrosion is thereby prevented.

Prevention of rusting of all ferrous metals:
Ship's plates
Structural steel
Curtain wall
Iron railings
Ideal for use where galvanic protection is required but where hot dip galvanizing is impractical or uneconomical.

Ideal for touch-up of damaged galvanized surfaces:
Roof decks
Transmission towers

Advantages and Benefits
Two coats of Galvafroid applied as a self-finish will provide zinc protection equal to that afforded by 305 grams of zinc per square metre (1 oz./ft²) applied by Hot-Dip Galvanizing or sherardizing
Dried film contains 92-94% zinc by weight
Binder provides excellent adhesion, durability, flexibility and resistance to mild abrasion
Forms an excellent primer for most paints
Texture provides an excellent key for overcoating
Prevents rust "creep" from exposed areas of substrate and subsequent lifting of an applied paint film
Approved for use in most meat and food processing plants where direct contact with food is likely to be only incidental
Can be applied as a shop or field coat

Drying Time – Touch dry 30 minutes
Drying Time – Hard dry 24 hours
Recoating Time 24 hours
Application Temperature 1ºC to 40ºC (34ºF to 104ºF)

Primer: 16 square meters/L @ 23 microns (32 sq.ft./lb. .9 mil dry film)
Self finish: 7.5 square meters/L @ 50 microns (16 sq.ft./lb. 2 mil dry film)

All metal must be clean and free from grease, paint, mill scale and rust. Best results are obtained with grit or shot blasted surfaces to white metal, but thorough power wire brushing followed by scrubbing with clean water is often sufficient. Pickling gives good results provided that the surface is washed thoroughly to remove all traces of acid. Galvafroid may be applied over slightly damp (but not wet) surfaces as caused by washing down.

Apply by brush, roller or dipping. Allow coating to weather 3 days before applying decorative coat such as a good oil based or alkyd paint. Do not rub down Galvafroid to obtain a smooth surface for finishing paints. A filler should be applied and rubbed down where a high finish is desired. In all areas of high corrosion, overcoat with a non-saponifiable finish such as a chlorinated rubber paint.

Do not use in areas subject to moist heat above 60ºC (140ºF). Not suitable for areas subject to highly abrasive conditions. Do not apply in presence of food as solvent fumes may affect the taste of the food. Not recommended for interior of vessels likely to contain potable water. Soluble in chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons, esters and ethers.

Customer review: "Just bought some Galvafroid anti-rust paint, the best you can get. Tools-paint had the best price and delivered quickly, so I am pleased to recommend them."

Customer review: "Fantastic service. Best price too. Sent second pot of paint, immediately with no issues, following arrival of damaged tin in spite of being extremely well packaged. My first port of call in the future with out question. Thoroughly recommended, thank you."

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Just bought some Galvafroid anti-rust paint, the best you can get.

| | September 2016

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