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Etch Primer

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Bonderite M-NT 1455-W. Ready-to-use easy to apply wipes for surface preparation, remove the need for time consuming wash and etch priming.
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Two component etch primer filler 5ltr pack
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£58.62 (inc. VAT)
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An etch primer is a paint that physically bonds itself to the substrate to which it is applied. This is achieved by combining an acid with the paint so that the acid microscopically etches/cuts into the surface of the substrate,
forming a physical and chemical bond between the two. A colour can be added so that it can be seen.

Etch Primers are designed to work with either ferrous or non ferrous metals and sometimes both.

Etch Primers come in Single pack or 2 pack products. The advantage of Single Pack Etch Primer is it is ready to be applied to your substrate, however, they are only suitiable for Non Ferrous metals as they do not have enough acid in them to etch steel and cast iron. A 2 Pack Etch Primers are supplied with the base and hardener which is mixed together and the advantages are the ability to use on both ferrous and non ferrous metalsand, easier for spraying and avoid shelf life issues.

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