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Dust Free Sanding Equipment

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Premium net disc for virtually dust-free sanding
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Ceros range discontinued - see Deros for alternatives
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Ceros range discontinued - see Deros for alternatives
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Customer review: "High quality sanding equipment by MIRKA. The Abranet sheets combined with the special vacuum hand sander gives dust free sanding. Sheer bliss, very happy with customers and no extra clearing up! The MIRKA system highly recommended. Just wish I had discovered it years ago."
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£50.15 (inc. VAT)
Get with the times regarding Dust Free / Dustless Sanding. It is healthier for you, any nearby colleagues or customers and it’s also cleaner, faster and gives a better finish.

Using a sander and extractor you can work in domestic and commercial properties sanding all day creating little to no dust. Ideal on all painted surfaces. Bring window sills that have been overpainted with thick brush marks back to a flat smooth finish, walls covered in bits and lumps to a level blemish free wall.

Dust free sanding is becoming preferred by most professionals and has become more affordable, and the equipment is light and easily portable as well as being safe and easy to set up.

It creates less dust than traditional sanding and stops dust that would otherwise be released into the air. Using extraction and dust free sanding systems are better for people with asthma and dust sensitivities.

Although it’s called a “dustless” process, in reality it’s not completely dust-free. There will always be a small amount of dust created and released into the air during any sanding process. Wearing a safety mask is still recommended. Be safe, not sorry. Dust generated from sanding may contain harmful particles which can be a major health issue for tradesmen, potentially leading to respiratory problems.

In terms of results It helps achieve better surface finishes, cutting down on finish problems that are caused by dust that isn’t properly removed from the surface before proceeding to the next step. However, if you have the proper system in place, the majority of the dust should be taken care of.


Dustless sanding takes less time than a standard sanding process would as there is often no need to move, mask or cover items before starting. Add to that the efficiency of the electric sanders and less clean up involved.

In terms of cost there is an initial outlay but for many users the effectiveness of dust free sanding soon repays the investment in equipment. It also means that multiple jobs can be worked on in a single room at the same time. This improves efficiency and reduces the time it takes to finish a project and creates more time for finding new business. For many users especially professional decorators it has taken their business to the next level.