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Cuprinol Woodworm Killer Low Odour 5L

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Cuprinol Woodworm Killer Low Odour 5 Litres

Usage guide

Cuprinol Woodworm Killer (F) kills all types of wood-boring beetle larvae. Its deep penetration ensures effective protection for years to come.

This low odour formula has been specially developed with low aromatic solvents to make it more pleasant and convenient to use.

Use on structural timbers, joinery and furniture. Once treated, wood may be painted, stained or varnished. Do not use on beehives or bee keeping equipment.

Eradication of insect attack including House Longhorn Beetle:
Brush 2-3 uniform coats: Use a minimum of 1 litre per 3-4 sq. metres.

Replacement timbers liable to House Longhorn attack:
Dip for at least 3 minutes. Use a minimum of 1 litre per 3 sq. metres.

Replacement timbers in woodworm eradication work:
Dip for at least 3 mins or brush 2 uniform coats. Use a minimum of 1 litre per 4 sq. metres. Rough sawn timber will absorb up to twice as much as planed wood.

Most effective eradication is achieved if wood is bare, dry and clean. Whenever reasonable, remove paint, polish, varnish, etc.

Bare Wood: Flood surfaces with 2 or 3 brush coats. Pay particular attention to endgrain, corners, joints, crevices, etc. In severe cases, also inject into flight holes 7-10cm (3-4ins) apart and repeat treatment. Re-treat surfaces cut after treatment.

Polished Wood: Inject into flight holes 5-7cm (2-3ins) apart. Flood into joints. Wipe off surplus. In severe cases repeat treatment. Fluid does not penetrate polished surfaces. Wax polished surfaces will normally require re-waxing after treatment. Cuprinol Woodworm Killer (F) is also available in small tins. Treat all replacement timber. To treat existing attacks of wet or dry rot use Cuprinol 5 Star Complete Wood Treatment (FP).

Note: The application of this product may cause darkening of some timbers. If colour is critical, try a test area first and allow to dry fully to ensure final appearance is acceptable. After drying, glues, fillers and knotting can be used normally. Bitumen, rubber and some plastic based materials may soften or swell on contact with fluid or solvent vapour. Do not spill on asphalt, bitumen, bitumen felt, tar or mastics. Ensure timber is fully dry (allow 6-8 weeks) or use a vapour barrier such as heavy duty polythene sheets (as used for damp proof membrane) before laying plastic floor tiles, foam or rubber-backed carpet, underlay or hanging vinyl wallpaper.

Most finishes such as oil or water based paints, woodstains, varnishes, polishes etc. can be applied after the fluid has dried (normally 2-5 days for brush, spray or 3 minute dip). Some finishes such as 2-part lacquers may require a longer drying: a test application is recommended.

Clean equipment with white spirit. Remove as much material as possible from brushes before cleaning. For best results use Polycell Brush Cleaner. Do not use or store in extremes of temperature.

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