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Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L

Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L
Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L
Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L
Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L
Cuprinol Garden Shades 5L
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Cuprinol Garden Shades 5 Litres

Please choose colour from the menu above. Please note that only selected colours are available as 5L. If you require other colours please see below for 2.5L packs, which come in much wider choice of colours (standard colours and custom tinted).

  • 6 year weather protection on wood
  • Beautiful matt colour enhances the grain of natural wood
  • Suitable for wood, terracotta, brick and stone
  • Brush or spray
  • Coats: 2
  • Coverage: 10m²/L (depending on surface)
  • Dry: 1 hr
Cuprinol Garden Shades gives beautiful long-lasting colour and weatherproof protection to all garden wood (including garden furniture and decking). The attractive colours and opaque matt finish have been specially formulated to complement the natural colours in the garden and allow the texture of the woodgrain to show through.
Cuprinol Garden Shades may be applied by brush, or for extra convenience (particularly on larger areas) sprayed on. For accurate, even spraying use only with the Cuprinol Fence Sprayer or Cuprinol Power Sprayer.

Usage Guide


All surfaces should be clean and dry. If it has been previously coated, loose, flaking paint should be stripped back to bare wood. Test a small area first for colour and adhesion.



Apply in dry conditions, above 5 degrees Celsius and when bad weather is not forecast, minimum of 2 coats required. The final colour will vary depending on the surface and number of coats. If adhesion is inadequate on previous coatings, lightly sand before application. Make sure wood has been pre treated with appropriate wood preserver to prevent wood and decay.

Stir thoroughly, before and during use. Brush on product, evenly, along the grain.


Stir thoroughly before pouring contents into the Cuprinol sprayer. Refer to the Sprayer user guide for full instructions before every use. Cover any nearby surfaces in case of overspray. Any overspray should be cleaned up immediately (whilst still wet) with water and household detergent.


Cuprinol Garden Shades will be touch dry in 1 hour under normal weather conditions. On areas subject to wear, such as garden furniture, allow a few days before heavy use or contact with soft furnishings. Believed to be safe, once dry, for use on wood which pets, wild animals and birds come into contact or gnaw


Reseal can after use. Clean up spills while still wet. After use, remove as much product as possible from brushes before cleaning with water. Do not store or use in extremes of temperature and protect from frost.


Surfaces painted with Cuprinol Garden Shades can be cleaned at regular intervals with a dampened, lint-free cloth or Cuprinol Garden Furniture Cleaner.


I have purchased Garden Shades and it seems extremely runny and watery. Is this right?

Garden Shades is a relatively thin and slack product by design. It is free-flowing to enable a smooth finish that gets into all the gaps and allows the profile of the wood to be a maintained. As its sprayable, it also needs to be of low viscosity and will be runnier than other traditional paints. This is not a fault. The product will still achieve good opacity in 2 coats over a similar colour, although deeper colours may require a third coat.

As Garden Shades often goes on directly to the wood, without a primer, sometimes it will soak deep into the wood and this can create the need for a third coat. This may be noticeable with rougher woods, open end grains or indeed deep colours. If wood has been exposed and dried out for a long period of time, this may also draw the more of the product away from the surface and into the wood structure.

Be mindful that it is waxed-enriched and that once these waxes are dried, they act to repel liquids, which would include an additional coats. Don't try to coat the whole project with one coat before getting onto the next coat. Instead it is better to paint sections in in time chunks of 2-4 hours.

To avoid difficulties it is good practice to acknowledge how much time you can commit to a project in one straight run and not to attempt too much; Divide the task into hourly chunks and paint the first coat on a section of the project, perhaps one or two sides of the shed. Before moving onto the next phase, go back over what you have just done with the next coat before moving on to the next phase. If you can see any area's that might want an extra coat, get that done before starting another whole phase. This little bit of time planning can ensure you get the look you want, first time, every time.

I have used Garden Shades and it has gone on my brickwork, how can I remove it?

Garden Shades is a water based product, so an application of water and detergent should provisionally be used. If this has been done without success you could cover the area in sodium bicarbonate and leave for 20 mins and then scrub with a brush and warm water. This should make the stain disperse. You must remember that this surface is very porous so a number of applications might be needed.

A 5L tin is normally sufficient for:

  • Brush: Smooth planed wood: 40m²
  • Brush: Rough sawn wood: 10-14m²
  • Spray: Smooth planed wood: 30-40m²
  • Spray: Rough sawn wood: 20m²
Coverage quoted with two coats, however a third may be necessary to achieve a uniform colour and to give added protection to horizontal surfaces. Coverage may be less on weathered or absorbent wood.

For other colours and sizes please see related products.

See below for coloured finishes to railings, hinges and other metalwork.
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