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Containers & Container Conversions

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With the increased volume of goods being imported, the country has seen many ingenious uses for the original shipping containers that were used to transport the goods. These range from pop-up cafe, swimming pool changing rooms, multi-gyms, accommodation and general storage areas in industrial and domestic locations. The original coatings applied to these containers needed to stand up to the harshest of conditions for numerous weeks while on the sea from the various source destinations, this paint is a functional/protective coating. We have a range of container paints that offer continued protection and the ability to personalise your container or converted container to a colour of your choosing. We can offer a range of waterborne and solvent based products in spray and brush/roller application that offers a functional, protective and cosmetic coating.

Reasons for use;

Prolong the life of your unit.

Customise your unit to corporate colour or a colour less distinguishable as a shipping container.

At we have specialists who can tint cladding paint in any colour, which is essential for businesses which need to maintain their corporate identity or for individuals looking for specific colour requirements. We have a technical support team able to offer advice by email at or phone on 01753 684084.