Top 5: best Waterproofing products

Top 5: best Waterproofing products

Best products to seal a leak in a shed roof, leaking gutter repair or property roof?

February 2020 saw much of the UK battered by wet windy weather as storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge blew across the country, breaking records and getting everyone thoroughly sodden in the process. While these storms caused devastating flooding and damage, they also revealed some weaknesses in roofs, renders and other exteriors that have been exposed to the elements. We at have been inundated with questions and inquiries on the best way to fix these. So, we’ve put together a handy list of the best and most appropriate solutions for this issue.


Fillcoat waterproofing & Fillcoat Fibres Waterproofing
Use: For immediate repair, even when submerged on Bituminous substrates, metal, hard PVC, polyester, glass 

Product Info: These products are brilliant for closing cracks, leaks and other ways water can seep into your property. A thick repair paint that fixes holes up to 2mm instantly and can even be applied when submerged in water. Fillcoat Waterproofing can be applied to most materials: Roofing, Roofing felt, Bitumen, Asphalt, Hard PVC, Polyester, Zinc, Aluminium, Glass, Tiles. Its Bitumen-free formula is 1300% elastic. There is also a handy application kit which includes everything you’ll need to correctly apply the protective coating.

Colours: Light Grey, Dark Grey or Black (Can be overcoated with decorative finish in other colours if required)


Use: Rubber Aerosolised paint can be used on hard to reach areas. With excellent adhesion to metal, aluminium, PVC, concrete, masonry, asphalt roofing materials and more.

Product Info: Leakseal is a flexible aerosolised rubber coating which seals leaks and cracks in a variety of substrates such as bitumen roofs, guttering, pipes, chimneys and many more. It dries with a watertight semi smooth finish, suitable for recoating with latex or oil-based paints. For best results apply multiple light coats versus one heavy coat.

Colours: Available in Black, White, Aluminium and Transparent.

Zinsser WaterTite 

Use: Designed to be used in cellars or basements as well as any interior or exterior masonry surface. Can be applied in either wet or dry conditions and can be recoated in as little as four hours.

Product Info: Guaranteed to stop water. WaterTite has a unique solvent-based formula that combines a waterproofing resin with Portland cement to create a coating that stops up to 34psi of water pressure. It also contains biocide that protects against mould &  mildew for a minimum of 5 years. Brilliant for damp areas that are subject to fungal build-up such as cellars.


Murfill Waterproofing

Use: This elastic crack bridging waterproofing coating protects cracks up to 0.5mm in size, anything over 0.5mm a three-step system of Elastafill or Mur-filler followed up with Murfill Fleece to cover the hole and then coated with Murfill Waterproofing, will provide the best protection on sound surfaces.

Product Info: 100% waterproof preventing rain from entering the walls. The microporous structure ensures that substrate can continuously breathe. Being 400% Elastic coating does not blister or crack in any weather conditions and enables crack bridging which also hides old cracks and damages & makes buildings look like new. Protects reinforced concrete against carbonisation and corrosion. The finish is a beautiful long-lasting satin gloss. Priming may be required if coating over either chalking or very smooth surfaces.

Colour: Widely tintable to your choice.

Dacfill / Dacfill HZ

Use: Can be applied on Bitumen, cement, asphalt and plastic roofs. Dacfill HZ is designed for flat roofs while Dacfill is suited to sloped roofs (minimum 5% gradient). 

 Product info: A watertight water-based liquid membrane for roofs. Forms a lasting elastic coat without joints or seams. It provides a 100% watertight layer with excellent high build ability. Dacfill is resistant to UV Radiation, acid rain, heat, frost and pollution and it is even approved for asbestos encapsulating. Dacfill is designed for sloped roofs (Min 5%). Application by spray equipment, brush or roller.

Colour: Dacfill available in White, Black, Red & Grey. Dacfill Hz only in white, to reflect sunlight.

So, there we have it, our top 5 solutions for waterproofing and repair. We hope that within these ranges there is something to cover (quite literally) most issues they wet weather will have caused.

Just to make it super easy here are the best two after all that:

For touch up emergency repair look no further than the Fillcoat range. With its excellent adhesive qualities, even when underwater. It also covers areas up to 2mm wide so is brilliant for filling bigger holes and cracks. Plus, the repair kit that is available provides everything you will need to get you out of an emergency situation.

For wider extensive repairs then the Murfill Waterproofing range is the best solution. With a wide suitability to a range of substrates as well as Murfill Waterproofing’s ability to be tinted to a range of colours this solution has most widescale application. The three-step solution for bigger cracks and repairs also has makes it an easily accessible and cost-effective way of repair.

As ever our technical department will be on hand to help if there is anything more specific that you need advice or guidance on then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on  01753 684084 or email