Anti-Graffiti paint options and information

Anti-Graffiti paint options and information

Taking some mystery away from Anti-Graffiti coatings.
Are you plagued by anti-social behaviour such as graffiti, fly-posters or trespassing? On we have a number of solutions to these problems and our technical team can give advice on what products are best suited for your scenario.

We all like Banksy’s work but unsightly and offensive Graffiti is too often found at places such as bridges, underpasses, statues, walls, toilets and residential dwellings. You can take steps to prevent this with the aid of Anti-Graffiti paints, but some of the terminology used can be confusing. Terms like water-based, solvent based, single pack and two pack can be explained, making it easier to choose the correct coating for particular grievance.

Unfortunately, if you are reading this you have probably been a victim of some anti-social behaviour or want to apply a prevention rather than cure strategy.

Initial removal of graffiti is typically done using a pressure washer on porous substrates and solvents such as Anti-Graffiti liquid aerosols for non-porous substrates. Before coating with any Anti-Graffiti product, the best thing to do is check its accompanying data sheet for the technical advice it provides.

There are two main types of Anti-Graffiti Coating Solutions / Systems
Firstly, there are the super hard-wearing coatings named as such as these have been designed to be extremely durable to aggressive solvents. This means any subsequent attack of graffiti can then be removed by scrubbing with a strong solvent on a rag or using a specialised wipe, that leaves the anti-graffiti coating in place to guard against future attacks time and time again.

Coo-Var WB101 is a water-based 2-pack** for interior and exterior environments. It comes in a clear off-gloss lacquer that will allow any base colour to remain visible. This is a low-odour, fast drying coating. It will not fade or yellow when exposed to high levels of ultra violet light or support the growth of fungus. Application in by brush or short pile roller.We suggest removal of Graffiti using a strong solvent or as recommended on the datasheet Coo-Var’s “Anti-Graffiti liquid aerosols”.

Coo-Var P101 is a solvent based 2-pack for interior and exterior environments. It comes in a clear full gloss lacquer that will allow any base colour to remain visible. Application by brush or short nap mohair roller. We suggest removal of Graffiti using a strong solvent or as recommended on the datasheet Coo-Var’s “Anti-Graffiti liquid aerosols”.

Please note the super hard-wearing coatings are for use on brick walls and fencing that hasn’t been treated or painted. They can be used on a previously painted surface, if a compatible water-based paint has been applied. This can be easily tested by applying the coating to a small area first*. Do not use over the top of solvent based paints.

*In many cases you will not know what type of paint has been used on the items you are proposing to protect. It may be water-based, solvent-based or even powder coated. Again, in these circumstances a small test area is the only method of ensuring best adhesion and gaining maximum properties of the anti-graffiti coating.

 **A 2-pack product is made of two parts, an A and a B. This requires mixing the two parts together so they can react to produce the final coating. The advantage of a 2-pack product is they are typically more durable. The disadvantage is you have to use them all up in one go unless you use a mixing cup to get the ratio’s right and just decant the right amount of each.

 The second, Anti-Graffiti type we will discuss here is a coating that will not allow the paint from a graffiti attack to stick or cure to the substrate. The inability to stick allows for the graffiti to be washed off with warm soapy water. The attacker should see straight away that it is like writing on a white board. This type of product is also popular in the fight against “flyers and bill-posters” as it does not allow glue, paint or ink to adhere to the coated substrate.

Coo-Var GP101 is a fast-drying solvent coating for exterior use. It comes in a clear full gloss or matt lacquer that will allow any base colour to remain visible. This allows for simple removal of the graffiti using warm soapy water (do not use solvent to remove a graffiti attack as this will adversely affect the products performance). Application can be brush, roller or spray.

The “pot-life”, or time before the paint cures in the tin is 2 hours. This means if the lid is left open it will dry and be unusable in just 2hrs. To avoid this simply pour out enough to do the job into a separate container and reseal the original tin as soon as possible.
This is best for use on concrete, metal and masonry where it has not been treated or pre-painted. If it has, test a small area first to ensure there is no adverse reaction. The same should be done if applying to treated or pre-painted wood, water based pre-painted surfaces and plastics. Do not use over the top of solvent based paints*

Please use the Coo-var Sealer Coat first on particularly porous and natural surfaces such as sandstone. It is a transparent sealer which offers excellent water and mildew resistance. Being acrylic based and free of volatile organic solvents this sealer is low odour, non-flammable and has low toxicity. This can also be used to minimise the darkening of sandstone and other natural stones.

Anti-intruder deterrent & Anti-climb paint

Coo-Var Vandalene is a paint that never dries and stays sticky. It makes a surface virtually unclimbable and can be used on window ledges, downpipes, brick walls and gutters or any place that can be used as a grip point to gain unauthorised access to the property. Any intruders that do come into contact with the paint will get thoroughly marked making their identification easier.

This is available in four colours, black, red, grey or green in a semi-matt finish. Also available are warning signs advising to any would-be trespasser that this coating has been applied. Application by brush or mitt. Cleaning of application equipment is by the use of white spirit or a turps substitute. Recommended for use at heights over 1.8 metres. A sealer may be required first on porous surfaces.

This information is given as guidance and no warranty or guarantee is given. We strongly suggest that you familiarise yourself with the information on each product, this is available on the relevant technical data sheets. We have offered in this blog Coo-Var products to keep things simple, at Avenue we are main distributors for many leading brands that can-do similar jobs. We hope that this information has been of use and look forward to assisting you further with all your coating requirements. If there any further questions then please feel free to contact with us on 01753 684084 or email  or