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Avenue QD Zinc Phosphate Primer 20L

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AVENUE QD ZINC PHOSPHATE PRIMER. This is an air-drying, liquid solvent-borne primer for industrial and professional use. For metal finishing, apply by manual spray, or brush/roller for small areas. This product may be force dried (50-100ºC).


  • Superb Quality / High build.
  • Suitable for use on manually / blast cleaned iron and steel substrates.
  • An excellent anti-corrosive primer which is lead and chromate free.


  • Metal Finishing
  • General Purpose Sheet Metal
  • Structural Steel

GENERALPURPOSE SHEET METAL - Economical quick drying primer for general purpose priming of sheet metal fabrications and steel work.

STRUCTURAL STEEL PRIMER (factory applied) - For internal structural steelwork and applied at 75microns dry fim thickness.QD Zinc Phosphate. Primer as been designed to assist processes conform to the VOC SED regulations for metal processes emitting up to 15Tonnes of VOC per year.

ARTICLES-that are not part of a building structure (and are therefore outside the scope of the building products VOC Product Directive). Used as a refurbishment or maintenance coating

Untreated steel - for best results blast clean prior to painting to SA2 1/2,otherwise manually abrade
using powered hand tools and abrasives to ST2.

Previously painted steel-remove rust back to sound metal. Remove loose or flaky paint. Bring forward
by patch priming. Sound previously painted surfaces should be lightly abraded prior to application in
order to promote adhesion.

Remove dust. Remove oil or grease with Panel Cleaner. If using a waterborne degreaser remove fully.
Test a small area prior to painting.

Aluminium and galvanised steel-abrade and pre-treat with Chromate Free Wash Primer or 1 Pack Etch Primer in accordance with data sheets for these products.

Other substrates-seek advice from Technical Department 01753 686888.

Red Oxide and Grey

Composition: Based on a modified short oil alkyd resin with corrosion inhibiting pigments.

  • Volume Solids(TYPICAL FIGURES): 46%
  • Weight Solids: 68%
  • VOC content: 455 g/litre
  • Typical film thickness: 163 microns wet film thickness to give 75 microns dry film thickness
  • Theoretical coverage: 6.1sq metres/litre at 75microns dry film thickness
  • Dry heat resistance: 80C
  • Flash Point: Within the range 21-31C


Airless spray (cold): The product is supplied ready for use by airless spray. Typical tip size 15-21thou or 0.40-0.54mm.Typical fluid pressure 200kg/sq metre or 2800p.s.i.
Airless spray (heated): As cold but maximum temperature 30C

Thinner: Industrial Thinners
Film thickness per coat:
Dry: (Minimum) 50microns- (Maximum)100microns
Wet: (Minimum)109microns- (Maximum) 217microns

Substrate temperature:10C
Touch Dry: 1 hour
Overcoating times : Minimum - 8 hours Maximum - normally overcoated within 28 days
Substrate temperature: 20C
Touch Dry: 30 minutes
Overcoating times : Minimum - 4 hours Maximum - normally overcoated within 28 days

Environmental conditions: The air temperature should be at least 5C with a surface temperature 3C above the dew point and the relative humidity below 80% thus ensuring that the surface is dry and that condensation will not occur during application or drying. Drying will slow significantly at temperatures below 10C.
Do not apply in conditions below 5C
Do not apply to external surfaces if the forecast is for rain to fall within the next 4 hours.
In exposed windy conditions a minimum air temperature of 8C is recommended.

Overcoating/ repainting
IN SPRAY SHOP QD Zinc Phosphate Primer may be overcoated with QD Enamel or Fast Enamel.If left more than 3 days after priming it should be abraded to improve adhesion.

QD Zinc Phosphate Primer may be overcoated with Zinfos 340WS.If left more than 7days after priming it should be abraded to improve adhesion.

Store in cool, dry conditions,typically 5-25C. After a period of storage the product should be thoroughly
stirred. Usable life is 2 years from date of manufacture in unopened containers.

QD Zinc Phosphate Primer may be overcoated with Manor QD Enamel or Fast Enamel. If left more than 3 days after priming it should be abraded to improve adhesion.

QD Zinc Phosphate Primer may be overcoated with Zinfos 340WS. If  left more than 7 days after priming it should be abraded to improve adhesion.

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