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Paint colour consistency, why are batch quantities important?

Why is batch to batch consistency something to be considered? Why is batch to batch consistency an issue? What are the pitfalls of ordering little and often? Is ordering small quantities just an added cost? Is ordering more than enough better than just enough? Surely a “British Standard” colour is the same wherever I buy […]

What is Paint Sheen? What gloss levels mean what? Do I need semi-matt, eggshell or satin, what is the difference?

Why is Gloss level terminology less important than a specific percentage figure? The “gloss” or “sheen” level is very important when it comes to paint for many reasons. The gloss level is arguably more noticeable than colour i.e. the same paint produced in different gloss levels will stand out more than two slightly different shades […]

Don’t leave it till autumn leaves

The first major downpour of the season immediately highlighted the first item on my list of jobs to do before winter comes. I arrived home and dashed out of the rain but not before I could see, or more appropriately hear, water cascading over the gutter. I have a perennial battle with sycamore seeds from […]