Paint colour consistency, why are batch quantities important?

Why is batch to batch consistency something to be considered? Why is batch to batch consistency an issue? What are the pitfalls of ordering little and often? Is ordering small quantities just an added cost? Is ordering more than enough better than just enough? Surely a “British Standard” colour is the same wherever I buy […]

What is Paint Sheen? What gloss levels mean what? Do I need semi-matt, eggshell or satin, what is the difference?

Why is Gloss level terminology less important than a specific percentage figure? The “gloss” or “sheen” level is very important when it comes to paint for many reasons. The gloss level is arguably more noticeable than colour i.e. the same paint produced in different gloss levels will stand out more than two slightly different shades […]

Gates, Railing and Wrought Iron Work.

Answering the questions, we get asked What preparation should I undertake? What can be painted and with what coatings? What paint do I need? How long will it last? What care must I take? What do I need to consider? These are all relevant questions to most paints and protective coatings. In this blog we […]

Shipping Container and Container Conversion Paints

Did you realise just how versatile a shipping container can be? Here is how to dress it up in the colour of your choice. At Avenue and sold on our webstore we have a range of Primer finishes (paint that is a primer/undercoat & topcoat in one) designed for shipping containers and ideal for […]

Avenue Group Colour Matching Service

Colour Matching explained. For companies, colour consistency is a key indicator of quality and brand indentity. People want to match colours for many reasons and at we can help. Colour matching can be an exhausting job and there are certain steps that can be taken to avoid the cost of a bespoke colour match. This […]

Taking some mystery away from Anti-Graffiti coatings.

Taking some mystery away from Anti-Graffiti coatings. Are you plagued by anti-social behaviour such as graffiti, fly-posters or trespassing? On we have a number of solutions to these problems and our technical team can give advice on what products are best suited for your scenario. We all like Banksy’s work but unsightly and offensive […]

Top 5 Waterproofing products

 February 2020 saw much of the UK battered by wet windy weather as storms Ciara, Dennis and Jorge blew across the country, breaking records and getting everyone thoroughly sodden in the process. While these storms caused devastating flooding and damage, they also revealed some weaknesses in roofs, renders and other exteriors that have been exposed […]

Gloves made simple

Are you finding you’ve got your hands full when choosing the correct, relevant gloves for you and your work force? The world of gloves is vast, and often confusing. There are seemingly millions of products all offering the same thing but in ever so slightly different ways. Don’t know your foamed Nitrile from your Latex […]

Dust Free Sanding. What is it and was Bob Dylan right?

  When Bob Dylan sang ‘The Times They Are a-Changin’ not many people would have predicted he was singing about dust free sanding, but its true the times definitely are ‘a-changin’ with an increased focus on workers health and task efficiency. Dust free sanding is fast becoming the method of abrasion and surface preparation used […]

Fire resistant paint – it’s a burning issue

Bonfire Night is almost upon us and I found myself thinking about fire and things associated with it. Now I love standing outside in the cold saying ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at coloured pyrotechnics as much as the next person, enjoying the delight on my children’s faces (even if that’s more because of the hotdog in […]