Fire resistant paint – it’s a burning issue

Bonfire Night is almost upon us and I found myself thinking about fire and things associated with it.

Bonfire Night Thermoguard

Bonfire Night

Now I love standing outside in the cold saying ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at coloured pyrotechnics as much as the next person, enjoying the delight on my children’s faces (even if that’s more because of the hotdog in their hands than the fireworks), but when it comes to we’re verging on being the anti-Bonfire Night people.

Let me explain.

Over the weeks or months leading to the 5th of November you amass a pile of wood and try desperately to keep it dry so that when the big day comes one spark turns it into a towering inferno. on the other hand, sells a range of fire retardant paints which are specially formulated to slow down the speed at which fire spreads and minimise the amount and toxicity of the smoke and fumes. Thermoguard is one of the leading brands in this field and they have some remarkable products.

The coatings generally work by expanding once exposed to fire, creating a layer which protects the wood substrate from the blaze. They are known as intumescent coatings.

Thermocoat W 5kg

Thermocoat W

These include Thermocoat W and high build metal primer for steel and cast iron, as well as Timbercoat, Dualcoat, Fire Varnish and Thermoproof, which are designed for internal or external wood.

For walls and ceilings there is Wallcoat and Flame Retardant Anti-Graffiti Bond and there is even the self-explanatory Thermoguard Asbestos Encapsulating Coating.

Thermoguard Fire Varnish

Thermoguard Fire Varnish Overcoat

These combine to produce an incredible fire resistant coating to which can be added a variety of specialist topcoats – in the colour of your choice – to give the finish you require.

Of course, if you’re in charge of the fire on Bonfire Night, it goes without saying not to use wood coated with Thermoguard products – you’ll still be there long after the kids and the hotdogs have gone cold!

NB For more information on fire resistant paints, call our experts on 01753 684084. sells paint, protective coatings and all related items. Whether you are a tradesperson or DIYer we have the paint you need at the right price.




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